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Osteothai with Arno L’Hermitte in France

The Osteothai practice is born in January 2003, in northern Thailand, where Arno L'Hermitte visionary and founder of the method had presented the first meeting between Thai Massage and osteopathy, a bridge between East and West. This unique therapeutic bodywork combines the colourful Thai Massage stretches and energy line work, with the precise technics and gentle touch of osteopathy.
These courses are open to anyone passionate by the art of touch, interested to get skills and technics focus on joints therapy. A previous experience in Traditional Thai Massage is required.
Osteothai for the main joints  (PDF)               
5 and half day/7 night residential course / €1200
from Saturday 17 to Saturday 24 August, 2024
Information and registration, please contact Xavier: xavier@lelotusblanc.com

Abdominal Detox Massage 1 & 2 (only 6 students during these lessons)

Abdominal Detox Massage, also known as Chi Nei Tsang in Master Mantak Chia’s school, is an internal organ chi massage combined with Thai abdominal reflex points. People often develop energy blockages in and around their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdominal area. These blockages can constrict the flow of chi (the life-force energy), eventually resulting in physical ailments. By using Abdominal Detox Massage's techniques of navel and deep organ energy massage you learn to release and clear blockages, toxins, excessive heat and negative emotions. You will also learn how to inject good energy back into the vital organs and glands. The 2nd level focuses on stronger and deeper techniques using elbows. The Abdominal Detox Massage course level 1 is required in order to take the 2nd level.
Course fee:
Level 1: 19,000 baht / 20 hours
Level 2: 19,000 baht / 20 hours

Nuad Karsai (only 6 students during this lesson)

Nuad Karsai, also known as Genital Detox Massage or Karsai Nei Tsang, has been developed specifically for improving the health of the genitals and the genital area. The Nuad Karsai practitioner uses deep, direct pressure with small circular massage movements to break up and dissolve the sedimentation in the abdominal and genital circulatory system. Nuad Karsai releases the toxicity and removes the physical and emotional blockages in the pelvic area. Genital Detox Massage addresses the common problems associated with our sexual organs: impotency, frequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful intercourse and low sexual libido. It is also effective in alleviating back pain, improving the body's alignment, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and increasing general vitality. Minimal requirement for this course is Abdominal Detox Massage level 1.
Course fee: 30,000 baht/20 hours
Training also available in France with Coocky & Xavier
Please visit www.lelotusblanc.com

Thai Oil Massage & Advanced Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage is a relaxing type of massage. We teach you how to work the muscles and energy lines with oil. Our Thai Oil Massage course does not include stretching, but focuses instead on using the hands to create long strokes. This traditional course is performed on the floor and incorporates the four main positions similar to the Traditional Thai Massage.
Loi Kroh also offers a table based Advanced Thai Oil Massage course. This second course is intended for experienced practitioners in oil massage preferring to work standing and looking for rich and varied working techniques combining depth and power. The elbows, forearms, knuckles and fists are used as tools during positions lying on the back and lying face down. The training allows you to perform a full body two and half hours massage session working the feet, legs, abdomen, arms, back, neck and face. This advanced class is exclusively intended for certified and experienced practitioners in oil massage, from any style and any school.
Course fee:
Thai Oil Massage: 8,000 baht/15 hours/3 days
Advanced Thai Oil Massage: 9,000 baht/15hours/3 days

Foot Massage

The Foot Massage course is great if you would like to study different techniques to relax tired feet. All techniques taught are simple and easy to understand. You will develop a love for your feet after taking this course.
Course fee: 5,000 baht/10 hours/2 days

Thai Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology, also known as Foot Zone Massage, originated in China thousands of years ago. It is a healing massage performed on the feet using fingers, knuckles, and sometimes a short wooden stick. Reflex points are stimulated in order to treat specific organs and body parts. Like Traditional Thai massage, Foot Reflexology has been a traditional Thai practice. This is one of the greatest and most relaxing massages, although China’s original reflexology can be quite painful. When Thai people first encountered reflexology, they modified it and added more movements for relaxation, still following the original theory. These days, Thai reflexology is an amazing harmony of “jep" (painful) and “sabaai" (relaxing).
Course fee: 7,000 baht/15 hours/3 days

Thai Facial Massage

Loi Kroh also offers a Thai Facial Massage course. This course is designed to teach you how to properly take care of the skin in order to retain its beauty and youth. The fine and delicate techniques are accompanied with fresh fruits such as tomatoes, oranges, tamarind, white mud, and sesame. This course is a highly enjoyable experience. In the Special Facial Massage course you also learn how to use hot and cold Thai herbal ball on the face.
Course fee: 4,000 baht/5 hours/1 day
Special Thai Facial Massage course: 4,500 baht/6 hours/1 day

Head Massage

This course is designed to teach how to dissolve tension and stress by giving a soothing chest, shoulders, head and face massage. Head Massage is an excellent treatment for sufferers of sleeping disorders or headaches.
Course fee: 4,000 baht/5 hours/1 day

Hot Stone Massage

In this course you will learn how to use basalt lava stones to heal the body. Basalt stones retain and radiate heat for long periods. You will heat stones to 50-55 degrees, soak them in warm oil and rub them on different parts of the body. Trails of heat will flow deep into the body to ease muscle tensions. This technique creates many positive effects such as improving circulation of blood, inducing deep relaxation and balancing energy meridians.
Course fee: 11,000 baht/15 hours/3 days

Body Scrub

Body scrub is a great way to keep the skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation. This course is designed to teach you how to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin, eliminate blemishes and get that natural glow back. Natural products such as turmeric, aloe vera, honey, kaffir lime, oils or sea salt are applied with blends often specially prepared to suit one's skin condition. Body scrub makes the person look and feel good as well as helping to fight cellulite and improve the skin tone by increasing the circulation of blood and lymph to the surface of the skin.
Course fee: 5,000 baht/6 hours/1 day

Reusi Datton

Traditional Thai yoga and meditation course will be a powerful practice for you, focusing on the internal systems. People who wish to do Advanced Thai Massage should learn this traditional yoga.
Course fee: 15 hours/50 poses/5 days
For beginners: 6,000 baht
For experienced practitioners: 7,000 baht

Korean Relaxation

The Korean Relaxation still considered as an undiscovered technique, it comes from a cultural way and is most likely connected with the Chinese tradition. People are on the floor and the Korean Relaxation allows them, thanks to soft mobilization, as stretching movements, to feel a very deep physical and mental relaxation. Its specificity comes from using different sorts of vibration, spreading relaxation waves throughout the body. Each part of the body is carefully and tactfully mobilized through moving rhythms, building a unity. Concerning the corporeal point, this technique allows a releasing of the breath, a freeing of the joints, a stretching of several parts of the body, a stimulation of the meridians, a releasing of the muscular tensions, a better flow of blood promoting elimination, a feeling of lightness, a sensation of cleanliness…

Training only available in France with Xavier
Please visit www.lelotusblanc.com

Tok Sen 1 & 2

Tok Sen is a unique healing art founded only in Northern Thailand (Lanna) using a wooden hammer and stick to clear blocked energy. It uses mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia, muscles, and tendon. Tok Sen is thought to date back over 3,000 years and is still practiced in Thai villages after having worked all the day long in the fields. The tradition is completely oral, and it has been passed down through the farming families. In the first course you learn basic techniques for relaxation, working on energy lines in the whole body, using a standard wooden hammer and stick. The 2nd level focuses on therapeutic techniques, using a different tool in order to work deeper and thoroughly on specific areas of the body. We recommend you to have a Basic Thai Massage training in order to participate in these courses. Minimal requirement for the 2nd level is a basic Tok Sen training from any school and any style. Wooden tools are included in both courses.

Course fee:
Level 1: 6,500 baht/12hours/2 days
Level 2: 7,000 baht/12hours/2 days

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